TOMATIS AZERBAIJAN Rehabilitation and Development Center

Tomatis® method

Learning and communicating are processes that can seem easy as they are natural for most of us. But for one in ten people, it’s a daily battle. The ability to properly process sensory information is compromised. It is said in this case, that listening is disrupted. In the processing of information, the ear plays a fundamental role since it is the main gateway to our brain. It picks up the surrounding sounds and those of our own voice, converts them into electrical stimuli, and transmits them to the brain which analyzes them. More surprisingly, it also captures our movements and is heavily involved in coordination, balance and rhythm. It therefore has a vital function in daily life, whether through talk, to argue, to follow instructions, read, learn, memorize or simply to move. When communication between the ear and the brain is blurred, our ability to interact with the outside world is compromised. The result is often a loss of self-confidence that will enhance in turn the difficulties of communication and learning. It was sixty years ago that the French doctor Alfred Tomatis developed an educational program that aims to stimulate the brain through the auditory system in order to restore listening. By treating the music and the voice in a very particular way, the Tomatis® Method helps children and adults to improve their quality of listening. A pioneer in the field of neuroscience, the Tomatis® Method is now practiced in more than 2,000 specialized centers offering personalized listening sessions through a unique technology called TalksUp®. An alternative educational program, the Tomatis® Method stimulates the brain effectively and naturally. It is a complementary approach to medical and traditional therapeutic treatments.
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