TOMATIS AZERBAIJAN Rehabilitation and Development Center

Electronic Gating®

When your listening is interrupted, your brain stops paying attention to the sounds the ear transmits. It is therefore necessary to capture the brain’s attention. The brain is especially sensitive to sudden changes that it cannot anticipate. So, while you would ignore the next door neighbor’s dog barking for the hundredth time, you would jump if the dog suddenly uttered a single meow! 

During the Tomatis® listening sessions, music is transmitted with sudden changes of tonal contrasts triggered by timbre and intensity. These contrasts are totally unpredictable. 

The TalksUp® device splits the sound into two independent channels, C1 and C2, which are processed individually. The sound characteristics of these two channels can be very different. Each channel can be programmed to provide a different composition of frequencies, that is to say a different timbre of the original sound. This switching back and forth between these two channels is called “Gating®”. While using TalksUp®, you sense the same melody at different levels of tones and intensity.

Although painless, the electronic Gating® will have the effect of surprising the brain, which will then pay close attention to the auditory stimulation. As a result of these repeated and unpredictable acoustic contrasts, the brain develops greater listening clarity, which in turn improves overall listening. The speed and the power of the Gating® are set for each individual based on the Tomatis® listening test assessment.

TalksUp® integrates a new generation of miniaturized processors capable of instantly processing the music and the voice.

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